Kifaru, named from the swahili word for Rhino, is a magical lodge nestled on a hilltop in the middle of the beautiful lewa wildlife conservancy in Kenya.  Secluded, quiet, elegant yet simple, Kifaru is a secure oasis amidst one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Pampered by a team of highly trained, friendly staff, guests can gaze on the extraordinary land around them and feel immediately connected to a magical, ancient wilderness that has changed little in thousands of years.

Built in the last decade to the highest specifications and incorporating local materials in many of its furnishings and buildings, Kifaru has recently been given an environmental and ecological makeover. Solar panels help generate electricity and heat water; water is recycled to irrigate the landscape; and an organic kitchen garden is lovingly tended.

Meals are deceptively simple, nourishing and delicious. Guests are encouraged to discuss their requirements with the chefs, who are happy to accommodate individual tastes and dietary needs, using the freshest available food as well as produce from the garden. There is a full in-house laundry service.

Kifaru is a home, and so guests can plan their meals and and their activities to entirely suit themselves – whether that may be lying by the pool, taking a guided walk, or going on safari with one of the highly-trained guides on the staff.